METRO DC Community Yoga Association (DCCY)




Metro DC Community Yoga Association's (DCCY) mission is similar to our founding fathers' vision of a young nation. 
E Pluribus Unum means "out of!"  DCCY's vision since 2005 has been to build a strong, vibrant, and caring community through the oneness of yoga.  
Since DCCY's inception, all the kind souls working on DCCY projects and events volunteer their time and talents. Funds raised throughout the year have covered the expenses of organizing and putting on the annual celebration of Metro DC Yoga Week and Yoga on the Mall.  
We can do more!  We still depend on the kindness and support of our volunteers, sponsors, and Member Studios. In 2015, DCCY began supporting not-for-profit organizations in the Metro DC area. Our objective is every two years for a two-year-period to support worthy organizations through monetary donations, volunteering time and talents as well as highlight the organizations' good works through Metro DC Yoga Week and Yoga on the Mall.   
METRO DCCY's  mission


  • Provide opportunities for people living in the Metro DC area (MD, VA & DC) to start or expand their yoga practice at a reduced cost.


  • Increase awareness and encourage greater health and well-being through a physical yoga practice and meditation.


  • Build a strong community of the Metro DC yoga studios and teachers to support each other and share valuable information and offerings with the busy and vibrant yogis of Maryland, Virginia, and DC.


  • Work with and provide a platform for area not-for-profit and corporate partners who offer specialized healthcare education and programs or gear we need to get on the mat.


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